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DIY Chevron Nails

Nesha Woolery from Flower Child Blog reveals four easy steps to give your nails the va-va-voom look.

I’m not the kind of the girl that paints her nails every week, or even every month, but when I saw this nail art post on Cait’s blog the other day, I couldn’t resist gettting the ol’ paints out and giving it a go.

I ordered the nail stickers from this eBay shop. It’s a British eBay shop but she ships worldwide and her prices are very reasonable. She offers lots of different shape stickers- I ordered quite a few! So get choosing and have some sticker fun!

Avon nail polish

Here are some steps to ensure your nails turn out perfect!

1. Before applying your nail stencils, dab the sticky bit on your hand a few times to get rid of some of the stickiness. This is particularly important if you are placing the stickers on already painted nails.

2. Choose two complimentary colours. I suggest maybe navy & orange, lilac & pale yellow or green & purple.

3. Paint your first layer of nail polish, but make it a thin layer! Leave it to dry for 10 minutes then paint another thin layer on top. Don’t go heavy with the nail polish because when you peel the stickers off you will peel the paint off too!

4. Finally, after another 10 minutes of waiting for your second layer of paint to dry, carefully peels the stickers away and apply a clear topcoat. Voila!

This post has been reproduced with kind permission from Nesha Woolery at Flower Child Blog. Nesha is a talented freelance designer whose work can be found on her site. 

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