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Flea Market Chic

Flea Market Chic “is about saving you money, along with recycling, upcycling and repurposing. But it’s also about a sense of history and place, about individuality and creating a home that reflects your life and personality.”

 Scouring markets and charity shops for bargains and then deftly applying to your existing home furnishings is an art. But eclectic and personal is what makes a home uniquely stylish. Little quirks such as faded textiles, mismatched china and distressed furniture adds character to your home and make it feel like it is truly yours.

Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell’s new book, Flea Market Chic, features 12 homes decorated in a range of distinct styles, from smart city apartment to a converted fishing trawler showcased using gorgeous photography (all taken by Simon Brown). Flea Market Chic is filled with clever ideas and practical advice for buying, and rejuvinating second-hand bargains, and how to mix these treasured finds with more modern pieces – all on a shoe-string budget!

We asked the authors to share some of their top tips for flea-market shopping, and here  is what they came up with:

1 Be methodical.

That is the key to finding a bargain. Always start at one end of a market or secondhand sale and work your way down each row, looking at every stall in turn from one end or the other. Don’t dart about.

2 Embrace the country look…

The flea market look is perfect for the country look because distressed wooden furniture, classic china and faded fabrics all make homes look as if they have been lived in.

3 … or go for modern bargain. 

If your taste is for modern interiors, you can still find great flea market bargains in markets, auctions and second-hand stores: look for anything Scandinavian, mass-market copies of twentieth century designers, office and store furniture, and modern pottery.

4 … Follow your heart’s desire.

Collecting makes flea market shopping fun as you develop ‘an eye’ and soon learn to spot your favourites in a pile of clutter – forget about investment and go for things you love!

5 Don’t forget about the garden.

Outside space is increasingly important as a space to relax and entertain friends and flea market finds can include unusual garden room furniture as illustrated in this book with a converted fishing trawler and an old rail freight wagon.

All images were photographed by Simon Brown, are taken from Flea Market Chic by Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell have been used with kind permission from publisher CICO Books. To find out more about the book and to purchase a copy please visit the CICO Books website.  

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