The Difference Between Original Equipment Manufactured Glass And An After Market Glass

There will come a time that you’ll need to replace either a car’s windshield or an auto glass, or it could be anything that you wish to have replaced for your car. But it all boils down to your decision, especially when it comes to deciding between the difference of an original equipment manufacturer or for an aftermarket windshield, in order for you to have good decision making before you’re going to commit in any repair or replacement.

chipped_sheild_1You must understand that not all car manufacturers make their own windshields and even some do not make their own auto glass. Most of its work are subcontracted to other big companies that makes and specializes auto glass and so these glasses are typically shipped towards their clients such as those who assemble cars and other automotive vehicles. These windshields are installed while they are assembled by the car manufacturers. Since most of its work is designed by each manufacturer, this means that the auto manufacturers and retailers should go for a good bid from all different kinds of glass manufacturers.

What are the differences?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer – this is a type of windshield that is typically the same with the original. The windshields may not be manufactured by the same car company that you have brought your car, and these may not necessarily be the same as those that are originally installed. However, if you have noticed, they are almost of the same appearance and texture. The makers of these glasses are made specifically with their terms and regulations, and it should match the original shape, color and its size. When it comes to the durability and its thickness, both of these should be identical as well. All in all, in order for you to be assured with your safety, it should be certified by a legal document.

The aftermarket- this type of windshield and auto glass, doesn’t strictly follow with the manufacturer’s specifications because they are not manufacturing the same original equipment manufacturer. These manufacturer’s does not have to abide any rules pertaining to making auto glass. What about copyrights? The fact that manufacturers are prohibited in producing the same windshield that are very similar and identical to the ones that are installed by the factory. When it comes to the size, shape and color, of course, It is expected that it will not be the same or are slightly different as of the original.

Why does it involves your decision making?

Knowing that these two are slightly opposite or almost alike, your decision is important because you’re going to invest in an amount of money that will either give you regret or satisfaction. When it comes to car insurances, it would be best for you to inquire the policy coverage, but most insurance would cover for car owners whose windshield and auto glass are made of an aftermath because it is more affordable and less expensive compared to those that are originally manufactured by the factory.